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It’s a force of nature. Friendships are damaged because of it. Guides are published about it. Songs, verses all talk about it. It’s a subject of discussion that usually pops up in the wee hours of the early morning, and discussed openly or not, it is a particular area of human relationship that doesn’t cease to intrigue. What on earth is “IT”? Well sex obviously, when people do it, if they enjoy doing it, who else enjoys it etc… sex surely makes the world go round. Let’s be honest we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for sex. The way we experience it varies from person to person, depending on choices, likes and of course whether they are in a relationship or not. For a huge number of women and men, married or single, phone sex is obviously an activity they prefer. Which brings me nicely to the queen of phone sex herself, Karen! I’ve known about Karen and her cheap adult chat expertise for a long time. So that once I had a chance to spend some moments with Karen, It was obvious to me that I was in for a treat. After all, Karen for so many men and women is considered THE goddess of fantasies who delights and fulfill people’s needs on a daily basis. How does the lady accomplish this, you might seek to know? Here is how and thus without delay, the following is a segment of our interview.

Me. Good afternoon Karen. I am so happy to finally see you again, after meeting you for the first time all these years ago. Thank you for agreeing to do this interview.

Karen. I know! And I am sorry it took so long. Everytime I thought I’d have an opening, something came up and I just couldn’t do it. Business is really busy, I’m glad to say, but as a result, I don’t have a lot of free time on my hands.

Me. I understand. Thank you for taking the time Karen. I appreciate. You have just mentioned your business. May I ask you what it is that you do?

Karen. Of course not. I am a phone sex girl! (Laughs). Well, that’s how I started anyway. but eventually I formed my own adult phone company and on any given hour there are upwards of 20 or more mostly women (but some men and a few transgenders) working the lines for me.

Me. Wow! That’s really amazing. Have you always been in that business? How did you start?

Karen. Phone sex is the only business I have ever been involved in. But I didn’t set out to do that. I was in college, working odd jobs in restaurants to earn some extra cash, and one of the pizza joints I worked at was in a well to do neighborhood. Business men would walk all the time and apparently I was attractive enough for some of them to give me their business card if ever I wanted to earn “real money” one day.

Me. How generous of them! A completely altruistic gesture!

Karen (giggling): That’s the reason. Right! They wanted something, no doubt about that. But the main thrust of their offer to help was really about them and how I might be able to help them! You wish to learn just how it all started? I’ll tell you. One particular Friday early evening, after a particularly busy work day, I called a gentleman who’s card I had picked randomly from all the cards to have an idea of what he was thinking of when he initially Proposed help me. Shortly in our conversation, I knew that he planned to have an affair with me on the side. I instructed him to look for someone else and put a stop to our phone chat, thinking he would never call me back again…

Me: And did you hear from him again?

Karen: Obviously. Three days later, he rang me since he already knew what my telephone number was by his caller ID. He apologized for for failing to express himself correctly during our conversation. He had an enjoyable tone and It was obvious that he was attracted to me. Unexpectedly, and I’ll never ever discover why I behave that way, but I became enchanting, even alluring and started to flirt with him on the telephone. I could feel that I was having an effect, without really figuring out precisely why, I advised him I had to go to work. That took him by surprise. He wanted me to stay on the phone and talk to him, that he was finding me so enthralling as well as how my voice was turning him on, but I really had to go get ready for work. And so i advised him that having a phone chat conversation with him, however enjoyable it might have been wouldn’t pay for any one of my living expenses, and furthermore I liked to work. And once again I put a stop to our phone chat.

Me. Did you have to wait a long time before he called you again?

Karen. He did more than call! That very evening he showed up at the restaurant. I was working in the kitchen and the manager was there, so I could talk to him, but through a co worker he managed to get a message to me that he would call me after my shift.

Me: That’s late. You must have felt fatigued having to work such long shift.

Karen. To be honest you, I was so tired when I got home that night that I had forgotten about him. And then the phone rang and I knew it was him.

Me. And… Go on… What happened?

Karen. All I wanted was to get him off the phone and out of my life. I was too pooped to talk about anything, let alone talk about sex with some guy who meant nothing to me. I was starting to tell him that when he told me how much money he was spending on phone sex lines every month, and if I wanted, he would rather spend on me. I mean, the amount of money he was spending was more or less what I was earning at the restaurant. It didn’t take me long to realize that working an hour or so per day, talking dirty on the phone with this guy would give all the time I needed to concentrate on my studies… And that’s how I began a phone sex girl!

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